Hi I'm Austin

developer / educator / hacker / founder of plebdevs

BASED in Austin, TX.




Web / App Developer

I have worked across multiple teams building and maintaining web applications. I have experience with JavaScript, Node, Python, and many web frameworks. I have also worked on multiple crossplatform mobile applications.

Bitcoin / Lightning Development

I have been working with Bitcoin and Lightning for the past 4 years doing everything from app development to light protocol development. I have built multiple projects and have a deep understanding of the technologies.

Developer Education

I have been helping teach people how to code and build Bitcoin/Lightning/Nostr apps for 3+ years. I run the plebdevs community, I've built multiple courses, I do live workshops, 1:1 tutoring, and more.

Nostr Development

I have been working with Nostr for the past 2 years. I have built multiple nostr projects from simple clients to fully integrated nostr platforms. I also have extensive experience working with Zaps and NWC (nostr wallet connect) within the nostr protocol.


I started my programming journey self-taught with a passion and curiosity for Bitcoin and a desire to build applications that leverage the technology. I joined Lambda School (Now Bloomtech) Full Stack Developer Bootcamp in 2018. After completing my student status I started working for the bootcamp as a Team Lead walking students through the full curriculum. This is when I discovered my love for teaching and developer education. I moved to Austin, TX to accelerate my journey into Bitcoin development. Here I have become a member of PlebLab which has helped me launch Plebdevs, a bitcoin app developer education platform. In my career I have worked for multiple companies and startups as a developer touching everything from traditional web development, Backend API development, mobile development, Bitcoin/lightning/nostr, and AI/ML development. I am passionate about building and teaching and I am always looking for new opportunities to do so.